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Are you bonded and insured?

 - Yes. The native dogg bond is with Mays Insurance, and insurance through State Farm.

How do I schedule service?

 - If you are new to native dogg, please complete the new client application. Once you've had your "introduction" with native dogg staff, you may schedule via Time To Pet.

What is an "Introduction"?

- A native dogg introduction is a chance for you and native dogg staff to meet, discuss care, tour where the essentials are stored - but most importantly, make sure the animal kids in the house are comfortable with native dogg staff.

Do I have to provide two keys?

- native dogg requires two forms of entry. One will be in the field during your scheduled services. The other will be held in our safe. Although two keys are preferred, one key and a garage code will also suffice. If only one form of entry is provided, a $5 charge will be added to your account to have a second key made.

May I provide a key only during service?

- Yes. It is recommended to keep keys with native dogg for those last minute emergency needs, but we understand if you need them back. There will be a $10 fee added to your services for each pick-up and drop-off. We are also happy to mail them back for a fee of $5.

When is payment due?

- native dogg requires payment prior to service for vacations. Daily service will be billed upon completion of the Visit, via Time To Pet.

What forms of payment do you accept?

 - native dogg accepts all major credit/debit cards, ACH/e-check, and PayPal.

Do you accept gratuity?

- Yes. Thank you for your generosity. We ask that any gratuities left at your home are clearly marked and left in an easily recognizable area.

What is your service area?

- native dogg services Southeastern Wisconsin. Contact for details.

Is there a fee for administrating medication?

- No. If your animal requires a medication (pill, topical, injection, sub Q, etc), we are happy to treat. We ask that medication instructions are clearly defined and easily found.

What if my animal has a medical emergency?

- Upon becoming a native dogg, you will receive a Veterinary Release form. This allows native dogg to seek treatment for any medical emergency that may arise, and you to set the initial budget for care. Your primary Veterinary Clinic is the first option, with emergency care as the after hours/holiday option.

Do you charge for each animal in the house?

- *No. If you've opened your home and adopted more than one animal kid, we applaud you, our fees are per household. *If you offer to board an animal for someone, and native dogg is called on to care for them, the additional animal will be 50% of the service you're requesting. Any new dogs in a household may require an introduction.

Am I able to schedule specific times?

- No*. native dogg works off a day-part system. Breakfast (AM) stops occur 7a-10a, Midday stops occur 10a-2p, Dinner (evening) stops occur 2p-7p, and Bedtime (PM) stops occur 7p-10p. Our primary focus is eleminating your animal kid's stress, and one of the main stressers is "holding it", so we always like to know when you're leaving, and when you're returning, so we can implement a plan for your animal's needs.

*Time exceptions are made if your animal kid is on a timed medication, or meal schedule, due to a medical condition (ie diabetes, kidney failure, etc).

We are going on vacation and would like our dog to continue to go to daycare, is that possible?

 - Yes. native dogg offers chauf-fur service. The goal is to keep your animal kid's life consistent while you're away, that includes daycare.

Do you groom?

- No. native dogg has many talents, animal beautification isn't one of them. We do offer chauf-fur service, and will gladly transport to and from your animal kid's groomer of choice. Great option to consider while on vacation, come home to a happy, healthy, sparkly clean kid!

How much notice is needed to schedule service?

- native dogg understands life is hectic, so if something pops up last minute, always reach out. We're not often able to respond immediately with service, but will care for your animal kid as soon as we are able.

What is your cancellation policy?

- native dogg understands life happens, kids get sick, flights are cancelled, hurricanes hit land. So, if you need to cancel, please email reservations@native, or text 414.708.7956. Please, no cancellations by phone. Cancellations received more than 24 hours prior to your first visit will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours will receive native dogg credit for future use. Forget to cancel, there is no refund or credit.

Do you train?

 - native dogg is not a certified animal trainer. What native dogg does do is foster good manners, ie waiting for food, sitting at corners, no jumping, etc. If you are working on something specific with your animal, please let us know, we are happy to maintain your expectations.

Do you recommend a trainer?

 - Animal training is a broad field. Please contact, and we will gladly get information from you that will assist in a trainer suggestion.

Is there a breed you won't care for?

 - native dogg cares for all breeds.

Do you care for more than dogs and cats?

 - Yes. native dogg cares for all household pets, as well as farmette animals (fowl, goats, pigs). We are not equipped to manage full dairy/cattle/horse farms.

I'm home, will you still care for my animal?

 - No. native dogg believes no one provides better care for your animal, than you do. If you find you'll be home during a scheduled native dogg visit, please cancel or reschedule.

Do you still visit in bad weather?

 - Yes. native dogg will always visit your kids. We take every precaution during inclement weather for the safety of your pet and our staff. Walks may be cut short, but your animal kid will always get the care it needs.

We have a new pet, do I need to fill out another Veterinary Release Agreement?

 - Yes. Please click the link to update your veterinary requirements.