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Ace (aka Acey, Piggy, Chunky Monkey) American Bulldog
I'm Acey, and I love my momma. My momma left me once, something about using the bathroom, I screamed. I follow my momma everywhere. I snuggle with my momma in "our" chair - I wedge myself in so we won't fall out...or escape. When my snoring wakes me up, sometimes I lay there and watch my momma sleep. I love tennis balls, but not as much as I love my momma. My momma said I am a big inspiration for native dogg since I like my house better than any other place, I think because it smells like my momma. I love my momma.

Kerry Dawson (aka the mom)
As a dog lover and animal advocate, I am keenly aware of the need for animal kid support. While in the business world, working long hours, I found it difficult to care for my kids in the way I knew they deserved. It was always out of the way trips for quality food & treats. Fighting the rest of the free world to get a vet appointment on a Saturday morning - so I didn't have to take time off work. Skipping lunch to run home for a baby with a teeny tiny bladder. The true pressure cooker of finding family, or friends, to impose the brood upon when I had to leave them for the day or overnight - need I remind you Acey is a screamer. All I wanted was to love them, play in the park, fill their bowls with healthy food and bottled water - oh yes, I do mean straight from Culligan, then settle in for quality snuggle time. The life of a milk bone mom began to appear before me as a series of stresses. That's when the decision to help families just like mine became the mission. Your kids, no matter the species, are as important to me as they are to you. Their health, stress, daily care should be one of the last things on your worry list. I invite you to become a native dogg, when life as a milk bone mom or dad becomes a series of memories instead of stresses.

Woubie D. (aka Super Woubie, Woubster, Wouberino, the Woubinator, Woubs, Killer, Stewie) Grade 'A' Adorable, or a Cockingrottskihua.
They don't get any cuter than me. Right ladies?! The Woubinator here. At a chiseled 16 pounds, shaggy brown hair with black low-lights, and a pair of white socks that drive the women wild, I am the ultimate package. If I love you, I will love you forever. I am not a man to be crossed, I hold a grudge. I am whip smart, but lack in confidence when separated from mom.....I'm an Agility dropout, but award winning in Obedience.

Frankie (aka Francis Xavier, Booger, Mini Monkey) American Bulldog/Boxer.
Hi everybody! My name is Frankie and I already love you! As soon as I see you my ears go back, my bum starts to wiggle, I bark and bark, then it's time to snuggle - but only on my terms.  I wrassle all the time with my big brother Acey, he's also my favorite thing to lay on.  Oh, don't let me lick you. See, I'm a poop eater. I have an insatiable appetite for the delicacies found when people don't pick up after my brethren. Frozen poopsicles may be hands down the most delicious thing on earth.  My mom said she picked me because I was adorable, and was super excited when she found out I was "special needs". Apparently I'm deaf, I have no idea what that means. I'm kind of an independent guy, and only pay attention to mom if it's meal time.

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